Meet the YAY+ Team

John Cayanne

CEO and Chairman

John grew up on a farm in Upstate New York and, later, in the Bay Area's music scene. By 10th grade, he was working in Berkeley's audiophile shops and hosting high school rock concerts at his house. John has worked with numerous volunteer organizations across the globe, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety & Emergency Management, and is a Marine Corps Veteran. As an entrepreneur, John has pioneered numerous ventures across a broad range of industries, integrating amazing people from all walks of life and best of breed business practices, and always with a goal of making the world a better place. Along the way, he amassed 30+ years of executive management, organizational development, and servant leadership experience. At YAY+, John’s vision is of championing a happy alternative to existing social media, one where positive people from all walks of life can share creative genius, access a world of positive content, and network with like-minded people from all cultures. In summary, John's mission is to ensure YAY+ facilitates positive thought, action, and impact.

Jo Cooper

Global A&R and PR Director

Equipped with a diverse background in PR, education, psychology, and the music industry, Jo is our Global Director of A&R and  Public Relations (and the consummate a Task Manager at YAY+).  Originally from New Zealand, Jo has called Malaysia home for many years, where she has put together headlining acts in and around the surrounding area. Jo’s Public Relations Degree and decades of PR experience also help drive the company’s topside performance. Jo loves all forms of exercise, music, travel, and supporting child education initiatives.

Michael Hunter

Chief Information Officer

With a versatile background spanning systems engineering to executive management, Michael brings a unique lens to this business. His focus covers all support systems and efforts necessary to provide a seamless, fluid user experience. His passion for seeing projects executed effectively and efficiently drives his creativity and thought processes. Mike's musical talent has lain dormant for 30 years. Once upon a time he played trombone in a school jazz band, the Northern, NY Bi-County orchestra, and made yearly visits to perform NYSSMA solos. Today, Mike enjoys the outdoors, and a cold beverage, often together. He enjoys helping others and believes in the positive message espoused by the YAY+ team.

Teague Bass

Brand Ambassador, and Talent Acquisition Manager, Asia

David Teague (a.k.a Teague Bass) is touted as one of the most talented bassists in Asia. A dynamic and energetic performer, David’s onstage performance and showmanship is legendary in Singapore and throughout the region.

A “bassist” for hire, David is a versatile musician whose vast repertoire spans across blues, rock, R&B, jazz , hip hop, house, reggae, ska and pop.

Originally born and raised in Michigan, USA David has made Asia his home for the past 25 years. Since the 80s David has toured to USA, Canada, Caribbean, Japan, Taiwan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Germany.

With a career spanning over three decades, David has performed and toured worldwide with music legends like Alexander O’Neal, Cherell, Vesta Williams, Cynthia Johnson, Michael Bland and Rocky Robins.

A much sought after musician in Asia, David is currently working on various projects including Luke Buirski Project (LBP), Adjazent and JS Funk. A bassist for hire, David is available to perform with touring bands throughout the region, as well as festivals, concerts and collaborations with other artists.


Alif Putra

Operations Manager / Talent Acquisition,
SE Asia

Nur Alif Sulaiman A.K.A (Alif Putra) defines all that is "ROCK". His on-stage showmanship, charisma, his unique look and incredible talent captivates audience and sets him apart from his peers.

A recognised musician in both Singapore and Malaysia, Alif's popularity in both countries continue to skyrocket!

Ron Hollister

Director, Business Development

With over 30 years of professional marketing, business development, and sales process experience, Ron helps shape the YAY+ landscape in both the digital and real worlds. An avid keyboard player and composer since the age of six, Ron also composes music for YAY+, YAY+ artists, and  himself. Ron was also a career fire fighter and is an inventor, boating enthusiast, shirt designer, and good friend to everyone!


Merch Design (Anime/Manga)

When you combine Japanese rock and superb anime/manga art,  you get artist and singer/songwriter Miyuki! Her music has been played on radio globally, and she also designs many of our t-shirt collections and album art. Miyuki’s popularity is growing fast, and she now has a legion of underground music fans following her for both her music and art. Since a young child, Miyuki’s passion for music and drawing has been nurtured by her music loving family. Learning to play the Electone in kindergarten, Miyuki quickly learned her real love is Rock Music. Sharpening her manga skills and music abilities, Miyuki credits her talent and success to her family and teachers. When Miyuki is not creating art or writing music, she loves traveling and making memories.

Justin James Bridges

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, North America, and Merchandising Manager

Justin James Bridges is an American singer-songwriter and musician known for his versatile guitar work and powerful vocals. Born in Bandera, Texas, JJB has been touring the country and gearing up for his next albums. Bridges plays music from the soul and doesn’t know any other way. Self-taught by listening to legends like Hendrix, Muddy Waters, and The Doors, JJB’s distinctive picking style and fret work are reminiscent of earlier times in American music. As he developed, Bridges added in aspects of other music including funk, soul, hip-hop, and even some reggae to fill out his sound and give him the unique genre blending style people have come to love.