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YAY+ Radio is a weekly international FM radio show featuring curated music from YAY+ members all over the world. All genres, all positive, all awesome. We are very excited to be offering this platform for artists where they can display their amazing talent to new audiences.

When / How You Can Listen

       - Our station airs on KWSS 93.9 FM
       - Wednesdays at 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, and 9pm EST

For anyone outside of Arizona, you can listen to the YAY+ radio show by clicking the link below or by downloading the TuneIn app if you would like to listen on your phone here:

Artist Submissions

Made something everyone should hear?

1. Become a YAY+ Member (below)

2. Complete an Artist Submission Form.

3. Upload your music, access our community, and gain positive exposure!

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YAY+ Member

Official YAY+ Roster Artist Perks
-  All Member artist perks, plus...

-  Priority FM airplay and potential for international chart placement

-  Branding and merchandise design/management support

-  Physical/digital music and merchandise sales support via the YAY+ Store
-  Press and marketing support
-  Opportunities for inclusion in publicized live events as well as YAY+ Music label recordings

-  Global exposure via YAY+ Radio (basic content and sound-quality requirements apply)

-  Increased social media exposure through YAY+ advertising and sharing

-  Contest and promotional opportunities 

-  Networking with other indie artists and industry experts in the YAY+ portfolio

-  Future consideration for the YAY+ A&R Program
Member Artist Perks